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Feel Relaxed with Warm Pals Plush

Not all stuffed animals are created equal. In fact, the term “stuffed animal” doesn’t fully capture the magnificent nature of these characters, which is why the only name fitting is Warm Pals Plush. Collection of Warm Pals Plush Stuffed Animals |

The delightful Warm Pals Plush creatures provide coziness and comfort along with soothing relaxation. Each Warm Pals Plush animal is filled with a natural grain scented with lavender. When these plush animals are warmed up or cooled off, they release that soothing scent and every hug radiates relief.

How do you go about heating or cooling these guys? For cooling, just place in the freezer and wait at least 30 minutes. Store them there in the morning and then after returning home from a long hot day they will be ready and waiting to cool you or your little ones off. To heat up, place in the microwave for 60-90 seconds and then they will be the perfect temperature.

Currently, we have seven different Warm Pals Plush animals available. You can go classic with a Warm Pals Bear or mix it up with a magical Unicorn. For dog lovers, we have the adorable Puppy Love and Hound Dog. Our other loving friends are the Elephant, Penguin, and Hedgehog!

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Get Cozy with an Outrageously Soft Blanket

It’s a common misconception that getting cozy is reserved only for the winter months. Spring has arrived and while that means more time spent outdoors or at the beach, a luxuriously plush blanket still has a place on Outrageously Soft Mom’s Time Out Blanket in Gray | the back of your couch or tucked away in an ottoman for easy retrieval when the need strikes.

The Outrageously Soft Blankets we carry are made of 100% polyester plush that does not shed or leave lint behind on sofas or clothing. These machine washable blankets are generous in size and their unique themes make them excellent gifts for specific occasions.

With everything that mom does for the family, sometimes she needs her own time out. Not as a punishment, but as a sliver of “Me” time that allows her to relax and recharge. The Mom’s Time Out Blanket is available in gray or teal and is the perfect way to show your appreciation for everything she does.

With wedding season in full swing, that means finding a unique gift to celebrate the bride and groom. Instead of another toaster, try the Outrageously Soft Mr. and Mrs. 2019 Blanket. Any couple marrying in 2019 will have this beautiful blanket to cuddle under for years to come. The Love is Ours blanket is also great as a wedding or anniversary gift.


How to Create the Perfect Easter Basket

Bright colors, Easter egg hunts, time spent outside with family – nothing says, “spring is here” more than the Easter season. For a kid, waking up on Easter morning to a basket brimming with goodies is an excitingMinnie Mouse-Themed Jim Shore Easter Egg Figurine | tradition to get the celebration started.

Step 1: Pick out the Basket

This is a step where there is no wrong answer and endless right answers! You can find great deals on baskets at your favorite craft store or you might find some sweet options at a local thrift shop. You can even think outside the basket by choosing an unconventional container, like a planter or terra cotta pot if your child is a little older. Be mindful of size since you want to ensure you can fill the basket or container so it appears welcoming and complete. The Goldilocks approach usually works out – not too big or too small, but just right.

Step 2: Fill the Bottom

Instead of plastic grass fillers, opt for a natural fiber material. There are lots of options including raffia or recycled paper that still comes in bright or pastel colors to match the theme. Whichever you choose, be generous by filling the bottom to create a welcoming bed for the treats and surprises.

Step 3: Add Treats and Surprises

Part of the fun is picking out all the little presents to fill the basket with. Easter-themed chocolates and candies are classic additions that come readily available. Hollow eggs filled with silver dollars or various sums of money always cause excitement. If you go with a garden theme, sachets of seeds to grow in the pot make the gift interactive. You can round everything out with a main gift that is the shining start of the basket! Our website has a variety of stuffed animals, games, and Jim Shore Figurines that will do the job nicely.

Easter, of course, is not about the gifts. The time spent with family is a positive reminder of all the blessings we are fortunate to have. Gather more ideas for your Easter basket creation by visiting!


Celebrate with Collectible Birthday Figurines

Each day comes with its own small moments to celebrate; however, when a birthday rolls around that is grounds to celebrate with gifts. Commemorate the birth of someone special with a gorgeous figurine that fits theirThe Little Mermaid with Flounder Figurine | personality.

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Present a whimsical gift with a Disney theme! This special line from Jim Shore showcases beloved heroes and characters from Disney classics. Swim under the sea with Ariel, dance in the forest with Aurora, paint with all the colors of the wind with Pocahontas – explore all the hand-painted designs! These beautiful figurines will make someone feel extra magical on their special day.

Growing Up Girls

A more traditional approach to collectible birthday figurines comes in the form of this series. Each year from birth to the age of 16 is represented by a sweet statue. As your daughter grows, so will the collection that represents important milestones in her life.

Willow Tree

The signature look of a Willow Tree figurine is unmistakable. When your friend or loved one opens the box to reveal a new addition to their collection, they won’t be able to stop themselves from smiling. While Willow Tree makes figures for a variety of occasions, we think that the floral and friendship designs fit delightfully with a birthday theme.

This represents just a few of the collectible birthday figurines available. Discover the perfect gift at!


Explore Hallmark Online for Valentine’s Day Gifts

We should all take the time to express love and appreciation for the people we care about any day of the year. Cooking a nice dinner, showing up with flowers, and even a simple, “I love you” make a huge difference inValentine’s Day Heart | cultivating and maintaining a loving and supportive partnership.

Keeping all of that in mind, having the excuse of a holiday to treat your special someone to a nice gift is fun and enjoyable. Yes, Christmas is over, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner to give you and your partner something special to look forward to. We are proud to host a variety of affordable and heartfelt gifts and novelties from brands like DaVinci Beads, Willow Tree, and Hallmark online for your convenience.

The Birthstones line from DaVinci Beads allows you to pick a heart or other gorgeous design featuring the birthstone of your beloved. If she already has a DaVinci bracelet then you can choose something to add to it or start from scratch with a bangle and a few unique beads that match her personality.

Valentine’s Day can focus on the romance, but it can also be light and fun! Present something more on the silly side to your man with a Canteen Tie. Inside of the tie is a refillable 8 oz. pouch ready and waiting to house the liquid of your choice. This gift is unique, practical, and will definitely make your guy grin when he opens it.

These are just a couple examples of the delightful gift items available. Find something perfect at!


A Willow Tree Angel is a Great Gift for Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, roses, a fancy dinner out – all of these are typical ways of celebrating February 14th. The most significant aspect of Valentine’s Day; however, is about sharing love with people you care about. That love mightWillow Tree Angel Love Figurine | be romantic, but it might also be platonic, or the love you have for a sibling, child, or close family member. For this reason, and more, a Willow Tree Angel figurine translates into a special and heartwarming gift for the person receiving it.

When you want to say that you are “so happy to love and be loved,” the Willow Tree Angel Love sends that message exquisitely. This adorable figurine features an angel with a halo of hearts around her head. A daughter might present this to her mother on Valentine’s Day as a reminder of their special bond. Wherever this rests in a home or office, a glance towards this angel will spark a feeling of reassurance and delight.

Even if you are not in a romantic relationship, it doesn’t mean you don’t have love in your life. Love, pure and simple is showcased in the form of the Willow Tree Loving Angel. This winged figure holds a single red rose and sends a sweet message to the world. Send this to one of your close friends who might need the reminder that they are special, important, and loved.

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Pali Hawaiian Shoes & Great Slip-on Gifts for the Holidays

Right now, summer probably feels far away, so giving someone a pair of sandals as a gift might seem counterintuitive. Pali Hawaiian shoes are not just any standard run-of-the-mill sandals and they actually make a Collage of Pali Hawaiian Shoes and Thermal Knit Slipper Socks | CoppinsGifts.comwonderful gift idea this season. Why do you ask? For anyone planning a winter vacation to a warmer climate, this accessory is a must-have. The sandals are durable, flexible, and easy to pack. They pair well with a variety of outfits – from linen pants to maxi dresses – plus they can be worn by men, women, and children.

There is a chance that the receiver of the Pali Hawaiian shoes will place them in the back of their closet and forget about them until April. Do not let that hinder your decision. The beauty is that when the warmer months roll around they will rediscover their brand-new pair of sandals and feel as though they are receiving the gift all over again. Win-win.

If you prefer a gift more appropriate for the current weather, Knit Thermal Slipper Socks are the perfect slip-on for the season. Don the snowflake design on Christmas morning to get into that festive feeling! Everyone in the family can sport a pair in a different color and have cozy feet all day long.

Another option that ensures you can’t go wrong is to gift these two amazing slip-ons together. This makes it easy to step outside for a quick family photo without taking off your cozy thermal slipper socks!

We know that wearing socks with sandals is a fashion faux pas, but when it is just family around then no one will judge – at least not too harshly.


How to Design the Perfect Charm It Bracelet Gift

With the holiday season upon us, coming up with a unique gift idea for a daughter, niece, or someone who loves whimsy can be difficult. Enter the Charm it Bracelet! The only potential downside is that there are so Charm It Bracelet with Charms and Design Steps | CoppinsGifts.commany possibilities, knowing where to begin can be tricky. These simple steps will have you on your way to designing a bracelet that will result in a giant genuine smile on Christmas morning.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Accessory
Think of the bracelet as a blank canvas to kick off the design of a gorgeous work of art. In this case, the canvas does not have to be completely blank because there are multiple bracelets to choose from. You can keep it simple with the Chain Bracelet in silver or pink, go wild with the Rainbow Peace Bracelet, or kick off a cute theme with the Cupcake Bracelet. The good news is that the variety of options ensures you will find something perfect to fit the personality of the child receiving the gift.

Step 2: Pick out Charms
The fun of the Charm It Bracelet comes with adding new charms over time to commemorate special events like birthdays or good grades. That said, you can’t go wrong presenting the bracelet with one or three charms already in place. The Cupcake Bracelet might serve as an excellent choice for an aspiring baker or someone with a sweet tooth. Continuing with that theme is easy! The Milk & Cookies, Cinnamon Roll, and Donut charms are just a few cute options that represent something scrumptious to dangle from the Cupcake Bracelet.

Step 3: Have Fun!
Don’t stress yourself out trying to choose from all the incredibly adorable and delightful Charm It Bracelet options. There are endless occasions and plenty of room to fit in all the charms you can think of adding. In the event that you run out of room, then that is the perfect excuse to start a brand new design!


Browse an Assortment of Cheerful Gifts with Hallmark Online

Hallmark has come to occupy a special place in the heart of Americans over the years. When you think of the name “Hallmark,” you probably immediately think of greeting cards featuring messages and quotes designed to make their recipients feel warm and loved. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Hallmark is known for its homey greeting cards, stationery, holiday decorations, and other home décor offerings. The company has stores across the United States and of course is also accessible online.Pillow with Mother and Daughter Hugging near Quote |

When looking for Hallmark online, you may come across Coppin’s Gifts, a noted retailer of Hallmark products and many other gift and home décor brands. A quick look at the site’s Hallmark section will immediately reveal that Hallmark carries more unique gifts than perhaps you had thought. The products you already know and love are there: bereavement angel figurines, Hallmark family pillows and decorative tiles, and the classic Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

But how familiar are you with Hallmark’s own collection of Itty Bittys? These adorable, approximately four-inch-high plush figures are made as a variety of fictional characters from movies, comic books, and television shows. Some popular favorites include Batman, Buzz Lightyear, and Charlie Brown. As their name implies, Itty Bittys are meant to be small and cozy, but for those of you who want something a little bigger, 10.5-inch-high Itty Bitty Biggys are also available. These are especially huggable and should put a smile on any face.

While it is certainly fun to browse through a brick-and-mortar Hallmark store to find the right gifts for that special someone, don’t neglect Hallmark online. Websites often carry items that are unavailable in stores, and it’s just as fun to shop through an entire inventory of products online.

See what’s in store for you with Hallmark online at


Personalize Your Davinci Bracelet with a Range of Unique Charms

Davinci bracelets have a lot going for them: they’re simple, attractive, and affordable. Best of all, they can be endlessly customized with vibrant and interesting beads, jewels, and charms. One Davinci bracelet is your portal to hundreds of bead combinations that show the world who you are and what you’re about. You can keep one selection of beads on your bracelet for a while and then change it whenever you want. The choices are always yours with a Davinci bracelet.Silver Davinci Toggle Bracelet with Black Charms |

Your first time sifting through all the available Davinci bead options will likely take some time, as you realize just how many beads and jewels would actually look incredible wrapped around your wrist. Let’s say you want to start with animal beads. The pig bead looks adorable, but the shell of that turtle bead is just so artistic. We can’t exactly disagree with you; all we can do is wish you luck with your selecting!

Maybe, instead of animals, abstract art is more your speed. In that case, you can find an assortment of colorful and unique beads for your Davinci bracelet. You might want a black bead sporting blue flower petals, or a bead with raised dots of different colors all over it.

And don’t forget about dangles. Beads might make up the meat of your Davinci bracelet, but dangles add nice finishing touches to your wrist artwork. You can get dangles in a variety of colorful flowers or birthstones. Others are available in holiday or religious themes.

The main takeaway from this post should be this: Davinci bracelets can be viewed initially as blank canvases. The possibilities for turning those canvases into art are essentially endless. What kind of art will you create?

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