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New From the Willow Tree Collection

New From the Willow Tree Collection | The Willow Tree Collection has the perfect figurine for every gifting occasion. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or someone else’s, we have the newest figurines to help you find the latest edition. These are a few of our newest figurines to give or to keep for yourself!

Christmas is around the corner, so make sure you have a touch of this beautiful collection in your decorations. The Willow Tree Song of Joy Tree Topper makes a beautiful addition to a new home’s decorations or for a refresh of a traditional collection. Also, if you or someone you know collects a new ornament every year, be sure to get them the 2017 ornament. This Willow Tree Angel will look beautiful on any tree to celebrate the memories of 2017.

If you’re celebrating mom or dad during the upcoming holiday season, one of these new figurines will be a sentimental touch. The Willow Tree For Always figurine features mom cuddling a young child in a warm embrace. The That’s My Dad figurine shows father and child during playtime in a hug. These figurines will make a great gift or surprise for any parent.

Want more from the Willow Tree Collection? Visit for more on this beautiful collection!


Fresh Picks for Fall

Fall Charm it Charms | Fall is here and in full swing! There are plenty of occasions to look for in the fall, from Halloween and cooler weather to family gatherings like Thanksgiving. There’s always something new at Coppin’s Gifts, but if you’re looking for fall themed gifts, here’s what we recommend:

Is your daughter or granddaughter asking for new Charm It Charms for their bracelets? Choose something festive for fall for their bracelets. This Charm It owl is super cute and will make a great addition to an animal lover’s collection. Or, if your recipient loves to sit and sing around the campfire, this adorable s’more will be well loved.

Does your fall plans include staying in a cozy, warm spot? Then you, or your recipient would welcome a puzzle to join in the cozy fun. This cottage hideaway puzzle will add to the warm feelings of fall with its vibrant autumn colors.

Cold weather means warm clothes, and the right pair of gloves can really make your day. These Arianna Stretch Knit Lace Gloves come in plenty of colors and have dainty details to add to any outfit. They also have a patch on the thumb and index finger for easy texting and smart phone usage.

These are just some of our items that will really make your fall special! Shop now at for all of the latest fall accessories, games, Charm It Charms, and more.


Three Beads to Start Your Da Vinci Bracelet

Da Vinci Bracelet | Have you been eyeing a Da Vinci Bracelet for a while now? Ready to start your collection? It doesn’t take much to start your collection and have a variety of bracelets for every occasion. But where should you start? These are a few beads that we recommend starting off and building your collection with:

Birthstone Bead: Adding your birthstone is a great way to start your Da Vinci Bead collection. You can choose your stone in an orb bead, a dangling charm, or as a glass bead to customize your bracelet.

Crystal Stoppers: These are great to separate beads and to draw attention to your favorite beads. Stoppers can be colorful, like our sparkly crystal stoppers. Or, you can choose a ribbed, plain silver or gold stopper to make sure all of the attention goes to your charms.

Special Interest: Make your bracelet stand out with one of our special interest beads. Choose from flowers, patriotic charms, vehicles, hobbies, and so much more. We especially recommend adding one of these if you plan on gifting a bracelet. Personalizing it with a hobby or an interest charm can show that you went the next step to make the bracelet just for them.

There are plenty of beads to start your collection with on! You can truly make your Da Vinci Bracelet one of a kind and express who you are with the huge selection of beads. Browse today to start building your first bracelet today!


Get Ready for Fall with Jim Shore Figurines

Fall Jim Shore Figurines | Fall is here and what’s a better way to celebrate then with placing a few decorations around your home or office. Jim Shore figurines are a great way to add a touch of the season without going overboard. Whether you choose familiar Disney figures or timeless themes, there is a figurine for you! Here are a few we definitely recommend for the fall:

If you start and end your fall with watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, then this figurine is for you. This adorable figurine features Linus and his blanket and shadow of Snoopy in the background. This figurine also lights up for an adorable display.

Pumpkins are part of any fall décor, and if you like to keep yours on the spooky side, consider adding this figurine to the mix. This whimsical masked pumpkin has a crow standing on top of it for a folksy accent. This figurine would look great with other pumpkins or around twinkling lights.

Do you like to transition your fall decorations seamlessly with your winter decorations? Well, if you like Disney, you can do just that with this Sally figurine. This Nightmare Before Christmas heroine is beautifully carved and painted to stand out among your decorations.

Can’t wait to start adding to your fall décor? Visit us at for these and other fall Jim Shore figurines. Check out a variety of witches, black cats, and more with this cool collection of figurines. Shop now and get ready for fall!


Celebrate the Holidays with Willow Tree Figurines

Holiday Willow Tree Figurines | The holidays are around the corner. While you’re thinking of gifts to give, menus to plan, and travel arrangements, decorating your home may not be at the front of the list. There are some easy ways to decorate or spruce up your current collection of holiday decorations. Willow Tree figurines are a great way to decorate for the season or to add a breath of fresh air into your current creation.

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to depend on pumpkins and fall leaves. A floral Willow Tree figurine is a great way to decorate and add a pop of fall color to your home. The Willow Tree Warm Embrace and the Willow Tress Sunshine figurines include bunches of sunflowers, giving a burst of fall into your décor.

A classic Thanksgiving décor usually means turkeys and pilgrims. However, show how thankful you are for your family with the décor using Willow Tree figurines! Willow Tree uses a number of beautiful, family scenes that show how thankful you are for those you love. Figurines like Willow Tree Brother and Sister and Willow Tree Mother and Daughter are great examples.

Finally, Willow Tree has a stunning collection of Christmas decorations that will add a rustic touch to your holiday décor. From the simplistic beauty of their nativity scenes to the holiday tree toppers, your Christmas décor gets the finishing touch with a Willow Tree piece.

Start decorating for the holidays today with our large selection of Willow Tree pieces! You can also find other holiday décor at to complement your collection. It’s never too early to start decorating for the holiday season! So start today with Coppin’s Gifts!


Gifts to Mark a Milestone

If you’re popping champagne and gathering with close friends and family, chances are you are celebrating a major milestone. Whether it’s a new addition to the family, a big accomplishment, or even an anniversary, a gift to mark the milestone is a must. But what do you get without breaking the bank, but not look cheesy? These are a couple tips to help you find the perfect gift to mark a major occasion in someone’s life.

Davinci Beads for Special Occasions |

First, make the gift appropriate for the occasion. For instance, if the recipients are celebrating a new baby, a gift that the baby can’t use probably isn’t a great idea. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the occasion by ensuring that the recipients can use it in some form or fashion. A good gift example would be to give a nice watch to a new college graduate. The recipient can use it and the gift is out of the ordinary and special.

Second, don’t just give a gift card. This undermines the accomplishment and just shows you forgot or were too lazy. If you absolutely must give a gift card, give cash or a check instead, and have something nice to accompany it. For instance, if you are giving a gift card for a major birthday, consider giving a bottle of champagne, a piece of jewelry, or a special book along with it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask close friends and family for suggestions. If you are completely stumped, a close relative could shine some light on what things they like. Getting them a gift that they will actually enjoy, use, and cherish is better than giving them a gift to just give them a gift.

When looking for milestone gifts, be sure to choose Coppin’s Gifts. We have plenty of beautiful things to give for milestone occasions. From Hallmark gifts, figurines, and Davinci Beads, you can find the perfect gift and arrive to occasion ready to celebrate!


Get Well Gifts That Aren’t Flowers

Visiting someone who is sick, either temporarily or for an extended period of time, can be difficult to do. Bringing a gift can lighten the mood and show that they are in your thoughts. Many think flowers are an appropriate get well gift. While they are a good last minute gift if the situation arises, flowers are a little overdone and not very personal. If you’re stumped as to what you should get as a get well gift, here are a few suggestions:Get Well Jim Shore Figurines |

A book is a great gift to give a friend who is recovering. Gift them a collection of novels you think they’d enjoy, an inspirational book to give them something to think about, or a religious book is perfect for them while they recover.

Photographs are another great gift, especially if they’ll be away from home for a while. Choose photos of the both of you, places they enjoy, or photos of their family. They’ll enjoy an album of these to talk about and to dwell on better times.

A soft blanket is another great gift to bring someone. Blankets in care facilities aren’t very comfortable after a while and are rather dull. A soft blanket in their favorite color is a great way to give them some comfort.

Figurines are another great gift to give to lift spirits. For instance, Jim Shore figurines are colorful, cheerful, and highly detailed. These figurines are designed to make anyone happy, so these are a wonderful gift to give to brighten spirits.

Coppin’s Gifts has plenty of gifts that you can bring someone to wish them a speedy recovery! Shop blankets, Jim Shore figurines, and much more for the perfect sentiment.


Collections to Start with Your Little Girl

Starting a collection of some kind with your daughter or granddaughter can be a fun bonding experience for the both of you. Collecting can be a great way to teach patience, creativity, and is a great form of self-expression. There are plenty of things to collect, however we have a few starter suggestions that she could start with.


Figurines are a classic item to collect. There are a number of artists and styles to choose from when collecting. She can mark milestones, such as birthdays, graduation, and even a wedding if she continues with the collection. It also provides many gifting opportunities for her later, as she can pass down the collection.

If she’s a music lover, consider vinyl records. Vinyl records are back and there are so many past and present artists to choose from and discover. This is truly a collection that can grow with her tastes as she gets older.

For fashionistas, a charm bracelet is a wonderful way to have her express herself. She can choose charms for every season or just interchange as she feels fit. Charm It! Charms are popular among young girls because of their colorful and playful nature.


Gifts for Summer Birthdays

Summer birthday celebrations tend to be extra fun don’t they? The feeling of being out of school, warm weather, and all of their friends around really make the day great. If you know a kiddo with a summer birthday, you may not be sure what to get them. These are a few gift ideas we think they’ll love:

-          A Beach Kit – If they enjoy going to the beach, give them the ultimate beach bag. All you need is a durable bag, beach toys, sunscreen, and a cool new towel to get them ready.Charm It Charms for Summer Birthdays |

-          Arts and Craft Time – With summer fun comes summer weather, which sadly means indoor time. Fight the blues from rain with a fun craft kit that has hours of fun.

-          A Cool New Piece of Jewelry – Get them something that will go way past summer fun. Either a bracelet full of colorful Charm It Charms or a sweet watch with their favorite character will keep them looking cool year round.

-          Fun Game Night – Is family game night always a favorite night? Then get them a game they’ll love to play with the family for a birthday gift that everyone can enjoy.

No matter what the occasion is, you’ll be able to get a gift for a special birthday at Coppin’s Gifts. Between gifts for summer fun or collectables they’ll cherish for years to come, you can find it at Coppin’s Gifts. Shop now to get the summer fun started!


Ways to Spice up Your Living Room Decor

After a while the decor in your living room can get a little stale. There are plenty of ways to add something new to your space without having to break the bank. Here are a few ways that you could switch up your living room, or really any room, in your home.

Willow Tree Figures for Living Room Décor |

-          Change the Rug – It’s crazy to think that just a simple thing as switching out a rug can make a big difference. But it really can! Change it out for a newer pattern, complementing color, or both.

-          Add a Plant – Just a little bit of greenery can perk up a dull space. Be sure to choose a plant that you are able to maintain. Also, check to see if the plant you choose is safe for animals, in case your four legged friend decided to take a bite.

-          Change Out a Collection – If you have part of a collection on display in your living room, try changing it out for others or seasonal items. For example, if you have a collection of Willow Tree figures, consider using a nativity scene around the holidays or using a floral figurine for spring. Just be sure to keep items properly stored and clean between displaying them.

Simple changes of your home’s decor can refresh a space and make your home seem brand new. Be sure to visit Coppin’s Gifts for the latest in home décor. Revitalize a space and add a smile to your face with a new Willow Tree figures or something new today!