What’s Next For The Uglydolls?

uglyIf you’re like a lot of people, you might not have even heard of an Uglydoll, but when you see one, you’ll always remember it! These “they’re so ugly they’re cute” critters have become wildly popular and we can hardly keep them on the shelves.

The Uglydolls actually originated in 2001, when two love struck artists were stuck missing one another on opposite sides of the world. David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim met and fell in love, but she was forced to return to her home in Korea while David was still in America. During that time, the first Uglydoll, Wage, came into existence. David regularly wrote her letters and drew the little creature all over them. As a surprise, Sun-Min sewed him a plush version on Wage, and the Uglydoll was born.

These award winning creatures are popular because they show that Ugly means special and everyone has something that makes them beautiful. Now, in 2010 they’re launching more brand new Uglydolls and even have fun accessories like bags and books! Why not get one of our very own and check out what’s new in the Uglydoll world here at Coppin’s Hallmark!


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