Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

1184474_easter_eggsDo you have a wide range of children in your family?  Do you find that when you have activities for all of the kids, that the older ones always “win?”  Well this year, when you have your family’s Easter egg hunt, add a little twist to make the winner more random.

Usually, children will associate “winning” with the person who is able to collect the most eggs during the hunt.  This obviously means that older or more athletic kids will have the best shot at “winning.”

Consider changing the winning conditions.  In one of the eggs place a piece of candy, or a small amount of money.  Then tell all of the egg hunters that the person who finds the one egg with the prize in it is the winner.  Granted, the older kids will still be able to collect the most eggs, but so long as each child gets one egg, they have a chance of winning.  This unique variation will help with the older children as well, as it adds a new level of excitement to a game that they are already familiar with.

So this year, make the family Easter egg hunt fun, fair, and full of excitement for all of the children in your family.


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