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Celebrate each and every one of the special moments that life brings your way with the wonderful and beautiful selection of Willow Tree Collection1figurines. These elegantly crafted figurines are available through Coppins Gifts and the selection and value is such that cannot be met. These delicately stunning Willow Tree figures are perfect for gifts to that special someone, beautiful decorations to adorn your home, or a nice way to say “I love you” to someone who is on your mind.

These figures, crafted out of only the finest materials available, are made with love by Susan Lordi. Made of resin casts that are formed from the artist’s original clay sculptures, these handmade pieces are stunning and beautifully unique from anything else you will find. Each piece is individually painted by hand to add that special touch that takes these figures to the next level.

At, you can find the best of the best when you need a special gift for a special someone or that perfect piece to decorate your mantle, shelf, or table. Willow Tree Collection figurines offer a touch of the simple and elegant that is unlike anything you have ever seen before, Willow Tree stands out from the rest and is known and loved by thousands for the delicate and beautiful creations featured in the various collections.

From keepsakes commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, and new arrivals to special figurines for mothers, parents, children and more, there is something for everyone and every event. In addition to the newest Willow Tree figures, there is always the option to search through the classic figures that have stood the test of time and that continue to win over the hearts of many year after year.

So stop wasting time running around in a panic trying to find the perfect gift — head over to Coppins Gifts and check out the selection of Willow Tree Collection figurines today!


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