Hot New Davinci Beads

Do you or a loved one enjoy Davinci beads? Coppin’s Hallmark is proud to provide you with all of the hottest and newest beads for you! Whether you are searching for new selections to put together a special summer bracelet or are just looking for a great gift for someone special with a summer birthday, you can find some of the best selection of beads available. Furthermore, when you place an order for four beads with us, you’ll get a fifth bead for free! Have a look at some of the latest additions to the collection:

Davinci Beads Crab Dangle – Heading out to the beach? We have great sea creature selections for your Davinci bracelet, including conch shells, turtles, and mermaids.

Davinci Beads Green Dragonfly Dangle – Summer doesn’t just mean going out to the beach! Transform your bracelet with a fun and cute dragonfly dangle bead for your Davinci bracelet.

Davinci Beads Green CZ Decorative Cutout – Whether green is your favorite color or you are looking for great new beads that add a touch of class to your bracelet, these quality selections are fabulous for women who want to wear a unique bracelet in any formal occasion.

This is just some of the featured Davinci beads; we have plenty more options available for Davinci fans. You can create your own bracelet featuring great beads that reflect your personality or put together a themed bracelet for a special occasion when you wear these high-quality, nickel-free beads.


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