Celebrating Holidays Webkinz Style!

webkinzlovelionWe’re tickled pink over some of the newest Webkinz to arrive in our stores recently. If you haven’t stopped by or checked out our web store, take a look at what you’re missing! These cuddly critters are the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

Webkinz Love Lion – Not only is he the king of the jungle, but he’ll be the king of your heart once you invite this little plush into your home. His pink mane and allover heart pattern are topped off with the heart shaped tip of his tail.

Webkinz Love Frog – This adorable little guy is paired up with a Kinz Clip, which means you get double the love for the same price! Keep your Love Frog at home but always keep him on your mind with a mini version clipped to your bag.

Webkinz Clover Puppy – You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day thanks to this adorable pup. His green ears and paws perfectly match his allover clover pattern. Spread some good luck around and give one to all of your friends!


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