Tummple – A Fun New Building Game

Exciting and unpredictable board games are not always available for your family game night. We at Coppin’s have our fingers on the pulse of new games, so we are proud to present Tummple, a fun new building game that is fast paced and highly unpredictable. This game allows you to apply logic to the roll of a die, which forces you to build a stack of block and stones.

The creator of Tummple got the idea for this game on a trip to Bali. While there, he watched a couple of local men stacking wood into a large pile. As they placed the last log on the pile, it fell apart. He decided to take this idea and transform it into a game!

So how does Tummple work? In this game, you have to roll a die which tells you to place a stone, which are called tumps, or wood blocks on a platform. It’s your duty to make your opponents knock over the pile by strategically placing your stones and sticks in areas that will complicate the next turns. You can stack high or build wide, it’s up to you! As the structure grows, there is a larger chance that it will fall over!  Place an order for this fun building game today and have a great time on your next family game night.


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