Make Birthdays Special with Hallmark Growing Up Dolls

yhst-60790743034774_2267_368553810Even young children enjoy collections. Baby dolls, miniature stuffed animals, trading cards, stickers — the variety of items that have captured little girls’ attention along with their hearts over recent years is wide, each with its loyal following of fans. Much like adults, children are delighted by each new addition to their collections, growing increasingly more excited about it as the collection expands. There’s just something about collecting beautiful or treasured items that makes them even more special.

While parents and grandparents may never understand the value of most of the trinkets that captivate their little girls nor share their enthusiasm for them, there are collections that can be equally fun for multiple generations to collect together. One example is figurines. The Hallmark Growing Up Dolls series includes Growing Up Birthday Girls figurines for each birthday from new baby to age sixteen. They’re a lovely way to start both a family tradition and a wonderful collection by selecting a new figurine for each birthday. As the collection expands, the girl will come to look forward to each addition as much as the parent or grandparent enjoys adding to the collection. For special celebrations such as graduations and weddings, there are even figurines to match the occasion.

Children’s collections can be far more than toys. They can be lasting keepsakes that they will treasure for a lifetime, not only for their beauty but for the loving bond and family tradition that the collection represents as well.


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