Be Battle Ready With Bug-A-Salt

Bug-A-Salt |

Are pesky flies, mosquitoes and bees getting on your last nerve? No more do you need to exterminate unwanted bugs with sprays, fly swatters or rolled-up newspaper. Nope. Instead, arm yourself and be battle-ready with Bug-A-Salt! That’s right – Bug-A-Salt! Turn insect hunting into a sport with this fun, new, non-toxic device.

Bugs fight dirty and so should you! Salt them out with this easy to use a-salt weapon. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!). To get started, simply load the weapon with ordinary table salt, lock, load, aim and fire! It’s that easy! When you fire, only a pinch of salt is extracted, leaving you with up to 50 shots per loading. Take down 50 flies, mosquitoes or bees all from the comfort of your patio chair! And in case you’re worried about a mess, which we know you aren’t, don’t be. Bug-a-salt takes ‘em out without splattering ‘em, so there won’t be any cleaning of the crime scene.

The Bug-A-Salt makes getting rid of the pesky bugs’ fun! The next time the wife or kids are screaming because of a little ‘ol fly, show them who’s king of the house with your Bug-A-Salt gun.


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