Toasty Tootsies!

cozy-slippers-1As summer winds down, students everywhere head back to school and off to college and retail stores are overflowing with new fall attire, thoughts turn away from the hot and humid days of August to the impending chill that autumn brings. Football season gets underway and sweatshirt season officially returns in September. Those chilly days turn into even chillier nights and that can lead to cold feet! What better way to ward off chilly tootsies than cozy slippers?!

At Coppin’s Gifts we know that keeping those little tootsies snuggly warm is import to the ladies, which is why we carry only the softest, plush and the most comfiest cozy slippers. Looking for a back to school gift for a college student or in search of the perfect birthday gift? The answer is cozy slippers. And wouldn’t you know it, Christmas is just 4 months away! Give their tootsies a plush treat this holiday season with ultra-soft slippers or ultra-soft boot slippers – you know, to be stylish while keeping your toes warm! Choose from pink, black, or cream in the soft slippers and pink and cream in the soft boot slippers. There isn’t a girl who wouldn’t love to curl up in a pair of soft sweats with a blanket over her shoulders and a pair of cozy slippers protecting her feet from the autumn chill.


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