Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Charms

valentine-s-day-2Finding a gift for Valentine’s Day is easy if your loved one already has a Bella Ryan or a DaVinci charm bracelet. You can shop here to find the perfect DaVinci charm or Bella Ryan bangle charm to add. If she doesn’t have one, get her started now and you can enjoy easy gifting for years to come!

While this is a thoughtful and lovely gift for a wife or girlfriend, it can also be perfect for your mom, daughter, or a special someone that needs a little “I love you” this season. Bella Ryan charms feature phrases like “Courage,” “Peace,” and “Strength,” which might help a daughter away at college feel the warmth of home. DaVinci beads have many options, from initials to birthstones and more, so you can create something perfect for your mom and let her know how much you care. Both are priced just right so you can make a statement without breaking the bank!

Shop Coppins Gifts for all kinds of Valentine’s gifts this year! This is the place to find something absolutely perfect for the love of your life. If a bracelet isn’t right, check out figurines and all the other fun and unique gifts we carry.


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