A Gift from the Heart: Bella Ryan Charm Bracelets

charm-bellaGift buying, while exhilarating and satisfying, can also be frustrating and challenging. Is there someone that is particularly hard to buy for, like your wife or mom? Typically, when you really care about someone and want to give something meaningful, the stakes are even higher. Luckily, we have an idea!

Personalized jewelry is very trendy now, and for good reason. You can take an easy route, like jewelry, then make it personal and put some thought into it. Take for instance, the Bella Ryan bracelets. Starting with simple gold bangles, you add coin shaped charm that feature phrases and words that are beautiful and inspirations. The Bella Ryan charm selection features verbiage like “Live Laugh Love” and “Faith.” You can also add charms that have images, such as a cross, a heart, wings, and more. Combine several and you have an inspirational charm bracelet that captures the recipient perfectly.

Because of the simple bangle design and coin shaped charms, your beloved will appreciate these charm bracelets over other varieties that have fitting issues or complicated charms that fall off or snag on sweaters. Plus, this opens the door for future gifting, as you can always add something new or commemorate a special occasion!


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