Teaching Little Boys Manners with Annoying Monsters

Annoying Monster Igor

Annoying Monster Igor

Do you have a little boy between the ages of two and seven? They can be pretty obnoxious in the most adorable way, can’t they? All of sudden they realize that their bodies can make some pretty strange and downright hilarious noises. Sure, at times it gets to be a bit much, but sometimes making light of things like “potty talk” or burping the alphabet may be the fastest way to see these habits lose their appeal.

Enter Annoying Monsters. These fun little guys also make the obnoxious little boy noises to join in the game! Your beloved boy can have all the off-color joking around he can handle with Annoying Monster Igor, instead of regaling you with these newfound talents.

Other gifts that can make light of the “potty talk revolution” include whoopee cushions, disappearing ink, and other gags. For whatever reason, boys at this age seem to just love breaking the rules of decorum.

Okay, so maybe Annoying Monsters won’t help teach little boys manners, but it sure makes a fun and hilarious gift. There are several to choose from and one is sure to be the perfect new best friend, one you’ll treasure for years to come, along with the memory of these simple days with your little boy.


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