Birthday Gifts for Tween Girls: CharmIt! & More

In this day and age, it can be difficult to find a nice and appropriate birthday gift for young girls, particularly those that are a bit too old for toys. Finding something that isn’t too juvenile or too mature is a tall task. Never fear, Coppins Gifts has some ideas!

Gift cards may seem impersonal, but with the vast options available now, you may be able to find one that shows you know her well, but that you understand she’s coming into her own sense of self. Consider getting a gift card for online games and music or to her favorite store.

Charm It! Accessories

Charm It! Accessories

Charm It! bracelets are ideal for tweens because they can be personalized. There are a wide variety of Charm It! Accessories, so you can choose a few that match her personality and interests. Plus, you’ve got a go-to gift for occasions to come!

Room décor items are also fun for young girls as they start placing more importance on friends, inviting them over to sleepovers and hanging out in her room. Check out big, fluffy pillows, a funky chair, or even picture frames or wall art that represent her personality.

Sure, tween girls can be tricky to buy for, but aren’t they just so fun? We hope these ideas give you some ideas to help make her day bright!


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