Turn up the heat on your next cookout with Spoontiques!

Cute and funny aprons have come a long way since “Kiss the Cook”. Now there is an entire collection of fun and hilarious aprons from



Spoontiques at Coppin’s Gifts. If you’re manning the grill this summer, you need something to protect your clothing against whatever food goes astray. These fun novelty aprons will not only make you a hit at your next cook out, but protect you from unexpected food follies.

Spoontiques aprons come in many fun styles with accompanying towels also available.

  • For the memorabilia collector, there are great Elvis, Betty Boop and Wizard of Oz Aprons.
  • If you or someone you know loves prints, we have you covered! There are cupcake, leopard and zebra prints available, even camo!
  • For the baker, there is a “Dip Me in Chocolate” apron and funny aprons like the “I Kiss Better than I Cook” apron for those who are grounded to reality.

We have aprons that will appeal to everyone, from the musician to the shopaholic. Spoontiques have taken the novelty aprons to the next level with these hilarious and unique aprons and towels. Anything can happen when you’re in the kitchen or cooling on the grill, cover your clothing in style with Spoontiques.


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