Stuffed Animals with Hidden Pockets

Stuffies Stuffed Animals

Stuffies Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals have always been a fixture in most kid’s rooms. Stuffies stuffed animals are a part of the newest generation of cuddly plush friends. Not only are these stuffed animals soft and super cuddly, but they also have their own unique personality and positive trait. One trait that they all share is having 7 secret pockets to hide all of your treasures. Each Stuffies comes with stickers and a storybook to teach good deeds.

Some of us had plenty of stuffed animals as a child, but we all had that one favorite; the one that was the softest cuddliest stuffed animal of them all. It was one that would always be there for us in the morning, afternoon and bedtime. Giving the gift of a stuffed animal can have a huge impact on a child’s life, especially if it’s a Stuffies Stuffed Animals.

Every child needs a special soft plushy pal, be it a Stuffies dinosaur (Stomper) for the boys, a Stuffies unicorn (Prancine) for the girls or anything in between. Hippos, horses and bears, oh my! There are over 10 different Stuffies stuffed animals to choose from, and with all those secret pockets, they’re more than the average stuffed animal.


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