He Sees You When You’re Sleeping…

The Elf Is Watching!

The Elf Is Watching!

Santa will be here in just one week! We can hardly believe it. The season has flown by, but good old Saint Nick has been keeping a close tab on all of us with the help of some of his elves! We hope you’ve all been good this year, but even if you’ve been naughty it’s not too late to turn things around. Santa’s special helper, The Elf On The Shelf, is on duty until Christmas Eve and he’s still watching!

The Elf On The Shelf is a wonderful tradition for families both young and old. Adopt one of Santa’s elves and he’ll live in your home and keep a careful eye on the family through the holidays. He even takes requests if there’s something extra special on your list this holiday season. Just make sure not to touch him or he’ll lose his magical powers!

If you’re looking to add to your holiday traditions, The Elf On The Shelf is a wonderful way to involve the kids in the magic of the holiday season. Read the story of your elf at the start of December and then again on Christmas Eve before the kids go to bed to wait for Santa to arrive!

What kind of Christmas Eve traditions do you have in your homes?



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  1. Gymboutiques says:

    This is a must have! We received The Elf on The Shelf as a gift for the whole family the first week in December. My kids loved it!
    Every morning they would get up excited looking for Mr. Jolly Snowflake (the name they gave the elf). We enjoyed him so much that we also shared the love and gave one as gift to a friend and her family.
    This is one tradition that we will continue to share with our family.

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