Stuffed Sugar-Free Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

Are you dreading February 14th? Sugars and sweets running your children up the wall and the sugar crash have you worried? Rather than stuff your kid’s baskets with big chocolate hearts, fill it with stuffed animals! Not only will they have a much lower sugar count, but these gifts will last longer than a day. Our top Valentine’s picks for kids? Valentine’s Day gift are:

My Pillow PetsMy Pillow Pets
Any of the cuddly, multipurpose stuffed animals would make a great gift for kids, but of course we have our favorites! The My Pillow Pet Love Dog is a cute and fluffy friend that will make a great addition to kids? Valentine’s baskets. The heart spotted ears and bright red color is a delightful compliment to the colors of Valentine’s Day as well! The My Pillow Pet Love Cat will satisfy the cat lovers in your family as well.

Precious Moments Love You Figurines
These delicate figurines are a great gift for young girls who value the responsibility and joys of beautiful figurines like the Precious Moments Love You figurines. There are plenty of figurines to choose from, but a unique gift may be the Precious Moment’s Disney Ariel: Oceans of Love for You figurine.

However you spend the day, with stuffed bellies or stuffed animals, make it a fun Valentine’s Day, one that is special for kids and for you!



8 Responses to “Stuffed Sugar-Free Valentine’s Gifts for Kids”
  1. Janet W. says:

    THis would make such a cute gift for my grandsons!

  2. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    These Pillow Pets are adorable and perfect for the “little hands” to cuddle.

  3. ileena zamfino says:

    this is the cutest dog for valentines day! my son would love it!

  4. OMG I love love love this love dog!!!!! SO Cute!!!! Wish I would have known about it in Feb!

  5. Stephanie says:

    My daughter loves pillow pets. She has this one, and it’s her favorite!

  6. amy toley says:

    looked over your blog and love it….thanks never knew you were her till i was on About a mom she sent me here….thanks

  7. Caramelon says:

    My children love pillow pets and these are so cute!

  8. Julye L. says:

    I would choose the Monkey!!!

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