The Message of Christmas: Say it with Willow Tree Nativity Figurines

How many times have you heard the story of Christmas? Whether you were just a little kid the first time you saw a Nativity pageant you always recall the magic of Christmas and the holidays!

How many different tales are there of the Nativity story?Willow Tree Nativity
There are quite a few different versions, the one in the Bible, the abridged play version, the 2006 movie The Nativity Story, and of course the version you get to tell when you tell your kids. There’s a few ways you can introduce the Nativity Story to your children, using the Willow Tree Nativity figurines.

Here’s a few tips to telling the story:

  • Tell the story as you place each figurine, creating the story piece by piece. Have them help tell the story as well, by identifying the three wisemen and which gifts they bring for Baby Jesus.
  • Use an audio book to help tell the story, making it a rich audio experience as you set up the Nativity scene together.

The way you tell your children the story of Christmas as they grow up stays with them. Just another of the cherished family memories to be remembered for years to come! Make cherished memories with the Willow Tree Nativity figurines with your family.


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