Charm it Charms – Enchant Young Girls!

Charm It Charms are the latest things to hit shelves this season – sure to mesmerize young girls with their bright colors, charms and designs. The allure of making your own bracelet is something few girls can pass up! If she’s never had the joy of making her own bracelet – make this season the first! Pick a few Charm it Charms that she’s guaranteed to enjoy and will encourage her to continue creating off her bracelet.charm it charms

Princess Charms! Every girl’s a princess, which means that one of our princess charms is just the thing to grave her royal wrist!

Flower Charms! A little flower power brings the joy of summer alive on her bracelet – and all girls love flowers! Even on Christmas day, the precious signs of summer can dangle on her wrist.

Heart Charms! Pick the heart charm that calls out to her heart most. Does she love animals, chocolates, or dressing up? There’s an animal charm, box of chocolate lovers charm, and glitter nail polish charm for her!

Disney Charms! Girls either identify with or just love the lady characters from Disney classics, whether it?s one of the Disney princesses or the always darling Minnie Mouse.

Make it a memorable holiday with the sweet gift of Charm it Charms!



2 Responses to “Charm it Charms – Enchant Young Girls!”
  1. Heather G says:

    My daughter would love this!

  2. Jeanna says:

    My daughter would LOVE this! So simple and sweet! sent me!

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