Kid-Friendly Halloween Refreshment Ideas

Halloween is fun for all ages!

Halloween is fun for all ages!

If you’re planning a kid-friendly Halloween party, you might be hard pressed to think of fun refreshments for everyone. Not to worry! Here at Coppin’s Gifts, we have everything you need to make every holiday special. Whether you’re looking for plush toys for a birthday, DaVinci Beads for an anniversary, or entertaining tips for any holiday, you can find what you need right here. We’ve got some fun kid-friendly Halloween drinks that the whole family can enjoy.

Spooky Red Halloween Punch

This recipe is so easy! Your kids can even help put it together. You’ll only need a few ingredients.

  • 48 oz chilled cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 liter chilled ginger ale
  • ½ cup chilled lime juice

Just combine the cranberry juice cocktail, ginger ale, and lime juice together in a large pinch bowl. Stir well. Everyone will love this ghoulish red treat!

Wacky Watermelon Strawberry Slush

To make about four servings of this drink, you’ll need these ingredients.

  • 2 cups of cubed, seeded watermelon
  • 1 pint fresh strawberries
  • ½ cup lime juice or lemon juice
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 2 cups ice cubes

Combine the watermelon, strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice in a blender. Blend it until it’s smooth. Add the ice cubes—one at a time. Keep blending until it looks slushy. Pour into glasses and serve!

Get your little ghosts and goblins together for a ghoulishly good time this Halloween!


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