Shoulder Buddies Teach Lessons to Kids

Life's lessons are fun with Shoulder Buddies like Breezee!

Life's lessons are fun with Shoulder Buddies like Breezee!

Shoulder Buddies can help your kids learn special lessons in life. These adorable little creatures can be worn on a child’s shirt, hair, and just about anywhere. Shoulder Buddies put a tangible spin on life’s little lessons—and they’re cute to boot!

Here are some great ways to teach your kids some life lessons:

  • Teach them to live out their passion. It’s not always easy for parents—especially with the responsibilities at home and duties at work. But children mirror their parents and look up to the adults closest in their life. So take the time to follow your own passion and do hobbies that you enjoy. Showing your children that you can make time for your dreams will help them do it for themselves, too.
  • Be thankful in life. If you have a grateful attitude, you’ll generally be happier than someone that doesn’t. Find positive things to be thankful for each day. Your children will learn from that.
  • Admit it when you’re wrong. Really, if you make a mistake… just apologize. By doing so, you’ll teach your kids that it’s okay to make mistakes—parents even do it, too.
  • Show your kids that family is important. Have time together, eat dinner, and share things as a family unit. If they learn that family is an important addition to their lives, it will continue.

As little life lessons are learned, more Shoulder Buddies can be earned! We really like Breezee… she shares her “Frustration Smarts” to help kids think things over when they get mad or frustrated. Now that’s a great lesson, too!


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