What’s your School Style?

Study up, and look good doing it!

Study up, and look good doing it!

With the school year nearly upon us, it’s time to start grabbing your Locker Lookz, Shoulder Buddies, and DaVinci Beads to complete your school look. But what look is right for you? Kids of all ages can take this quiz to find out what their back to school style vibe should be!

What do you wear to make a good first impression on your new classmates?

  1. Sweats, running shoes, and a nice t-shirt. Comfort is key!
  2. Jeans, a hoodie, and some sneakers.
  3. Skinny jeans, cute boots, and an adorable purse.
  4. A little DIY fashion with a handmade hair scarf.

You’re at the mall, and something catches your eye that you just need to have for school on Monday. What is it?

  1. New sweatbands.
  2. A black and white checkered tie.
  3. Fun bracelets with a matching necklace.
  4. Leopard print leggings!

What’s the best way to get to school?

  1. I ride my bike
  2. I usually take a skateboard!
  3. Get a ride with a parent or a friend.
  4. Walking—it helps the environment, too!

What can’t you go to school without?

  1. Something to freshen up after gym class.
  2. An MP3 player for the trip home.
  3. A mirror and lip gloss.
  4. My vintage bag.

Mostly 1’s: You’ve got a sporty style. Athletes know how to be comfortable and functional!

Mostly 2’s: You’re a fun skater, and you should play that up this year.

Mostly 3’s: You’re a girly girl. School is a fashion show, and you’re the star.

Mostly 4’s: You’ve got a bohemian and earthy style that Mother Nature would be proud of.

Enjoy the school year. Don’t forget the Locker Lookz that match your style!


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