Wubba Nubs are Simply Adorable

This little monkey is perfect for your little monkey!

This little monkey is perfect for your little monkey!

Have you checked out our adorable Wubba Nub pacifiers yet? These sweet little animals are going to be your baby’s new companion! You’ll love the durable one-piece construction of the Wubba Nub. We think it’s brilliant how they carefully calculated the weight and size of each adorable plush animal to ensure that it stays close to the baby’s mouth. Super easy to clean, the Wubba Nub is truly going to be a lifesaver!

If you’re having a hard time getting your baby to use a pacifier, we suggest you try the Wubba Nub. Babies like variety, so you should ideally collect a variety of nipple shapes and features—your baby might have a preference. When you start out, choose something smaller and gradually increase pacifier size as your baby grows. Wubba Nub pacifiers are perfect for bigger babies that like having something to hold on to. The brown puppy, adorable pink pony, or sweet Wubba Nub lamb just might make all the difference to your little one.

Trying to start with a pacifier? When you’re offering a pacifier for the first time, make sure your baby is in a good mood. Offering a pacifier when your baby is hungry, upset, or cranky will only frustrate them further.

If your baby loves pacifiers, then your baby will surely enjoy Wubba Nubs from Coppin’s Gifts!


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