Take a Fashionable Snooze on Your Tie

pillow tieAre you a man who has experienced one of those moments when you’re just overcome with a sudden urge to fall asleep? We don’t blame you. Sometimes life can become so boring (or stressful)! But, it’s probably not very tempting to close your eyes and take a short snooze without a pillow. Next time don’t be caught drowsy and unprepared! Wear your pillow proudly on your chest in the form of a pillow tie! Below we’ve listed five situations where a pillow tie can come in handy.

  • Get comfortable without paying big bucks for first class seats by inflating your pillow tie, and sleeping through your next plane ride.
  • Taxis can become comfortable when you’re leaning on your tie instead of the taxi’s door.
  • Don’t feel forced to sit and listen to a coworker’s lengthy pitch during a meeting, inflate your pillow tie and take a short snooze. (Don’t do this when the boss is talking, obviously.)
  • Dinner with your girlfriend? Be comfortable and remain classy by wearing your pillow tie to a high class restaurant.
  • After a long, hard work day, attending a birthday party can be tiring. You won’t have to worry about falling asleep in your slice of cake. Inflate your pillow tie, just in case!

These are only a few of the many situations where a pillow tie can come in use. Can you think of a situation where you wish you had a pillow tie?


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