Great Ideas for Sleepover Birthday Parties

All children enjoy sleepover parties, especially girls, but sometimes planning a sleepover party for a child’s birthday can be difficult. After you buy the cake, decorations, favors and other party necessities, it can cost a pretty penny… not to mention the 20 loud kids running around your house! By the time the party is over, you may have pulled out all of your hair. Hopefully these sleepover birthday party ideas will help your next sleepover birthday party run a little more smoothly.

yhst-60790743034774_2166_50670412.gifWhen throwing a themed sleepover party, the cake, decorations, favors and games should be geared towards the theme. Some themes we discovered include:

  • Hollywood-inspired slumber party – Have the girls dress up in their most glitzy outfits.
  • Spa Slumber Sleepover Party – Facials and manicures anyone?
  • Camp-in Sleepover Party – This is a great idea if you’re looking to bring the outdoors inside during a winter birthday.
  • Carnival Sleepover Party – Play fun carnival games!
  • PJ/Stuffed Animal Sleepover Party – Have guests wear their pajamas to the party, and bring their favorite stuffed animals. You can give the party guest cool favors they can use for sleeping like My Pillow Pets.

There are plenty of games to keep kids busy at a sleepover party without a theme. For example, some of the traditional games you can play are pin the tail on the donkey, freeze dance, limbo, charades and musical chairs.

Don’t rack your brain searching for sleepover birthday party ideas. Talk with other parents about what they would do, or simply ask your child what they want to do at their party. Chances are they’ll have a million ideas. Most importantly, be creative and have fun! Happy birthday from all of us here at!


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