Whomp! Charmz Create Fun and Colorful Charm Bracelets for Kids…and More!

Whomp! Charmz

We are always excited to find fun and funky new products for kids that are cool, colorful, awesomely affordable, and can be used in many ways. One of the latest additions to our lineup that more than meets all those criteria is our collection of Whomp! Charmz. Currently available in 5 jazzy themed packs, there is surely a Whomp! kit your kids will love!

CoppinsGifts.com is excited to offer Whomp! Charmz in your choice of: Chomp Dogs, Sassy Kitties, Bleeps and Bots, Manic Monkeys and Pond Pals. Each pack includes a shaped wrist band that matches the theme of the pack, as well as 8 charming charmz that can be worn on the included band alone, or used to group together several bandz. After all, not too many kids wear just one! In addition to being super cute, these fun bracelet friends are also soft and very comfortable to wear. In fact, they’re actually made from eraser material, so in a pinch you can Whomp! away a mistake on your homework!

In addition to being bright bracelet buddies, you can chomp a Whomp! just about anywhere, from shoelaces to a necklace. And if your kiddo can part with one, they make a cute and clever way to take control of the cords on your headphones or ear buds. Whether you take your tunes to the office or the gym, you can show off your playful side in style!


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