Are you Celebrating Fairy Day on this Fabulous Friday?

Jim Shore Heartwood CreekWhile it may not be a holiday as well known as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Independence Day, for fairy fans around the world there is much cause for celebration on June 24th of each year. Why, you might ask? Because it’s Fairy Day, of course! What is Fairy Day? According to it is “the official holiday for fairy collectors, believers, artisans and the young at heart.” Jessica Galbreth, founder of Fairy Day, goes on to say, “This holiday is for everyone who believes in the magic of fairytales. It is for those imaginative souls who dare to dream impossible dreams.” Upon reading that I couldn’t help but think, “I believe in the magic of fairytales! I dream impossible dreams!” And this led me to dig a bit deeper into Jessica’s ideas for how to support Fairy Day. Turns out, it’s quite easy!

If you’d like to celebrate Fairy Day along with us, and we hope you will, the first step is to simply reflect on the magic of your childhood. Think of the times when all things new and exciting earned your wide-eyed intrigue – when fireflies were full of wonder, and you could imagine an entire new friend! Next, step outside your mind a bit and reflect on all the beauty around you. Watch a bee buzz her way from flower to flower, take some time in the sun for deep, relaxing breaths, spread your arms like a bird and let the cool breeze wash over you. In essence, think small and notice it all! It may seem cliché to ‘stop and smell the flowers’, but honestly, when was the last time you did?

Whether you’re a fierce fairy fan, a casual admirer, or you’ve never really given them a second thought, we think the steps for a fantastic fairy day are easy to appreciate for just about anyone. But if you or a friend do fall into the fairy fanatic category, you can take’s recommendations to the next step and send a friend a fairy card or fairy gift. And we happen to know of a certain designer by the name of Jim Shore who has created some of the most captivating and whimsical fairy gifts of all in his Heartwood Creek collection. My personal favorite is the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Sewing Fairy, perched atop a spool of thread wearing a thimble for a cap! The Heartwood Creek Musician Fairy is another great pick, and wonderfully captures the power of imagination with a tiny fairy playing a violin fashioned from a leaf.

Whatever your favorite may be, we hope you’ll not only appreciate the artistry, but let yourself get lost a bit in the piece. While leaves may not be violins, and thimbles surely wouldn’t make much of a cap, there are countless magical things all around us just waiting for more than a passing glance. Pet a puppy. Talk to a child about his day. Sip a cup of coffee and really appreciate the rich aroma. And, well, you know…stop and smell the flowers. ;)


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