Happy Nappers Pillows are Here at CoppinsGifts.com!

Happy Nappers Cow and BarnHappy Nappers Dragon and CastleHappy Nappers Penguin and Igloo

For many parents, there is no struggle so great as trying to get your little one to take a nap. They are too young to realize a nap is exactly what they need to feel their best, whether while playing games with siblings and friends, or simply enjoying a favorite book or movie. Most of us have tried it all, but some days nothing seems to work. At CoppinsGifts.com, we have just added a fun, plushy new tool for your naptime arsenal – Happy Nappers! We can’t guarantee they’ll work every time, but they do make taking a nap a lot more fun.

Happy Nappers pillows are currently available at Coppin’s Gifts in 6 varieties: Cow and Barn, Dog and Doghouse, Dragon and Castle, Unicorn and Palace, Penguin and Igloo and Ladybug and Bungalow. While it may look as though each Happy Napper comes with 2 plush toys, what you actually see is the same toy in its 2 different forms! How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at the Cow and Barn as an example…

The Happy Nappers Cow is a friendly, perfect plush with little brown spots and a warm, welcoming smile. But…she’s also a barn! How exactly? Through a clever construction that involves a little zipper, a little pulling and stuffing, and a lot of creativity and fun. When naptime comes and you want the cow to visit her barn for a nap of her own, simply unzip the zipper on her back, pull out the barn, and stuff the cow inside before zipping up the door. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt her one bit! And it lets your son or daughter know that it’s naptime for them as well. :)

What to do when naptime is over? That’s when the real fun begins! Each Happy Napper home has a built-in doorbell, and upon pressing the button to let your toy know it’s time to rise and shine, you’ll hear doorbell sounds, snoring sounds, and the adorable sounds of your plush pet waking up!

We hope Happy Nappers are a hit in your home, not only for naptime but just for being their super cool, cute, cuddly selves!



2 Responses to “Happy Nappers Pillows are Here at CoppinsGifts.com!”
  1. Lori Thomas says:

    These are all soo cute!!! About A Mom sent me.

  2. I like the Bear with the cabin:) About a Mom sent me. Thanks for sponsoring they are adorable:)

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