Board Games Bring Fun and Laughter Along Every Time!

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While I have many friends that aren’t what would be considered ‘board game people’, I am also lucky enough to have a few friends that most definitely are! I have been a board game fan for as long as I can remember, and my appreciation for board games has never wavered.

During my college years there was a local late night restaurant my friends and I would frequent. We became familiar enough with the servers and managers that one night when it was just 2 of us, we felt comfortable enough to bring along a travel chess set. Sipping cups of coffee well into the early morning, we must have played 10 times that night! And that travel chess set was just the beginning. Once we realized we could get our ‘game fix’ while also enjoying our favorite restaurant’s coffee and fries, we were soon bringing along a board game almost every time. The servers would even sit in sometimes to join in the fun when they had a few minutes to rest. Sure, it was a bit of a strange thing to bring to a restaurant, and we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t somewhere we were regulars. But strangeness aside, and the occasional double-take from other restaurant-goers, we had a super fun night every time!

You might not have a favorite local late night restaurant that you would feel comfortable bringing a chess set or board game to, but there are many other places they can be enjoyed. Why not keep the compact and creative Bananagrams in your car for impromptu game opportunities anywhere from a table in the park to a lazy afternoon at a friend’s house? Or perhaps you’d prefer something that will guarantee some laugh-out-loud moments, such as the always-hilarious Say Anything. Whichever games you choose, you’re sure to quickly remember (if you ever forgot!) just how much board games can be.

Many of us are looking for more affordable means of entertainment that are relaxing, fun, and quite simply, bring us together. Board games offer all of the above, and can be played again and again! We’re confident you’ll find a game in our selection at that sounds interesting, and we encourage you to get creative in where you’ll play. Don’t be afraid to pack a picnic lunch, grab a game, and head for the park! A great day can also be an affordable day, and if you get to enjoy some sun and warm weather in the process, all the better. :)


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