The Pillow Tie is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Landen Pillow TieBowthorpe Pillow TieAdam Madison Pillow Tie

The team at wouldn’t typically recommend a tie as a Father’s Day gift. In fact, some of the guys here are dads themselves, and when I asked each of them what they would like this year, not a single dad mentioned a tie. But when I asked if they would like a tie that doubled as a pillow, the results were a bit different, with one responding, “Doubles as a pillow? See, that’s an important feature! Yes, I would absolutely want a pillow tie. In fact, I’ll even take an ugly Christmas sweater if it has a pillow built in. And a snack tray, please. A pillow and a snack tray.”

I wasn’t able to find a single pillow tie in our collection that includes a snack tray, but there’s always room for change next season! For now, what we offer is over 20 different prints of pillow ties, which look like regular ties to the unknowing eye, but have a well-concealed inflatable pouch inside. When the time comes to take a little nap or just read your eyes for a few minutes, you can simply inflate the tie like a small balloon and rest easy!

While the pillow tie is without a doubt a humorous gift, it isn’t the type of cheap fare you might expect to find at a novelty store in the mall. We love a good laugh as much as anyone at Coppin’s Hallmark Shop, but we have a commitment to quality, too! Each tie is constructed of a microfiber/silk blend that is wrinkle-resistant to keep you looking polished and professional. The designs are also a standout feature for pillow ties – even the men who admitted they wouldn’t typically want a tie for Father’s Day were impressed by the contemporary, fashionable selection, with favorites including the Landen Pillow Tie, Thomas Pillow Tie and Anne Pillow Tie (my favorite, too!). As for the concealed inflatable pillow? It really is concealed. And well! Each tie is crafted with a tiny pillow pocket that does its job of keeping the pillow undetectable, but if you know for sure that you won’t be catching any Zzz’s and want to play it super safe, you can even remove the pillow altogether. I know what you’re thinking, “They thought of everything!” And…well…you’re right. They did!


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