Introducing DaVinci Beads!

We recently started carrying a new line of jewelry at our retail locations that we’re pretty excited about. They’re called DaVinci Beads, and we’ve started putting them up on our online store as well. So what’s so great about DaVinci Beads?

European or Italian charm bracelets have been popular for a few years now. They’re fun because they’re so easy to customize. You buy the beads you want and can build your own personalized piece of jewelry. They’re also easy to change up when you need a fresh look, so you never get bored. The major setback with most major European charm lines is the cost. Even some of the less “expensive’ lines can cost upwards of $25 per bead.

This is the beauty of DaVinci Beads. They’re priced at just $6.99 per bead!  We think they look just as nice as the expensive lines, and they come in hundreds of styles and shapes like Art Glass, Birthstones, and Hobby Themed Beads. Come visit us if you want to see them in person, but check out  a few of our favorites below in the meantime:



One Response to “Introducing DaVinci Beads!”
  1. Angie C says:

    Just got Davinci Beads for my birthday and LOVE them. My new addiction! Your website has been really helpful in seeing what other beads are available!

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