Enjoy a Lazy Saturday in the Sun with a Springbok Puzzle!

Springbok Puzzle

When we think of putting together puzzles, we often imagine a snowy evening spent by the fire with a cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows!) wearing flannel pajamas and snuggly slippers. And, to be fair, this is a perfect puzzle-putting-together scenario that I’ve happily enjoyed more than once! But there is no reason that the puzzles have to get tucked into the far depths of the closet when the first rays of spring sunshine smile upon us. In fact, putting puzzles together can be just as fun in the spring as the winter, and make a wonderful way to spend a Saturday relaxing alone or with family and friends.

I know I am not alone in often forgetting that weekends are designed to be a time to decompress. The work week is full of frantic, with everything from deadlines to oil changes to getting the kids to dance class and soccer practice on time and with all their necessary equipment. Add the fact that we have to eat and shower at some point every day, and that whole sleeping thing, and it feels like one long day from Monday morning until 5pm Friday. And what do most of us do on Saturday and Sunday? Pack them just as full as we did Monday through Friday until our brains can barely breathe. And that is precisely why you need a Springbok puzzle!

Chances are good that you’ll be prepping your porch or patio for spring soon, stowing away the shovels and pulling the lounge chairs from the corners of the garage. Why not make this task more fun by giving yourself a reward when it’s all done? Instead of rushing to the next item on your to-do list once the lawn chairs and patio table are cleaned, pour yourself a fresh glass of iced tea, turn the radio or iPod up to your favorite station or song, and get ready to relax away the day with a Springbok puzzle from Coppin’s superior selection! Reclaim your Saturday while keeping your brain alert and your eyes scanning the pile for the corners. Remember the time-honored puzzle tradition of finding all the outside pieces first. Give yourself a break from the endless loads of laundry and dishes, while giving your car a break, too! Put together a puzzle, and see how something so small can make such a big difference in your well-being. Welcome back…the weekend missed you. :)


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