Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids and Their Dentist Will Love!

Webkinz Angora BunnyFor most kids and adults alike, there is no harm in enjoying the occasional piece of candy. Candy can bring back many fond memories and even play an important role in creating new traditions and future amazing memories. After all, it isn’t without good reason that grandmothers always have a sweet something tucked away in their pocketbooks for the kiddos – they know we’ll remember those treats forever! But like so many good things, there can be too much of it. There can be too much candy. And too much of this calorie-packed indulgence can lead to excess weight and that 8-letter word we all cringe when we hear at the dentist – cavities. Yes, moderation is most definitely key when it comes to candy, but moderation is something that is easier said than done during the holidays when candy is at every corner we turn! And moderation is possibly the most difficult for children sitting in awe of a chocolate-filled Easter basket brimming with bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow peeps and more! So what’s a parent to do? Add some balance to the basket with non-candy treats they’ll love just as much. :)

If your child’s basket contains just a few pieces of candy, they’re more likely to enjoy those pieces slowly and avoid that sugary rush that leaves them darting around the house like a Zhu Zhu Pets Bunny, only to crash a little while later. They will also get more long-lasting enjoyment from trinkets and toys than candy will bring. We’ve put together a few Easter Basket ideas for children of all ages. All are well-priced and full of fun!

  • Webkinz Angora Bunny – This oh-so-adorable addition to the Webkinz family is among their softest and snuggliest yet! Her long ears are propped up in surprise as she stares back with that loving gaze that Ganz always captures so well in their premium stuffed animals. Awesome for any age, this little lady is just $13.49.
  • Digital Photo Keychain – Kids love sharing their favorite pictures with friends just as much as adults do, and a digital photo keychain lets them do just that. Our digital photo keychain holds up to 60 pics, and it will be fun to help your child choose which they’d like to add. Don’t forget to include a few from Easter morning!
  • Snoozies – Perfect for tweens, teens and moms alike, Snoozies foot coverings (think slipper-sock hybrid!) are fun to wear and fun to look at. Coppin’s Hallmark offers a superior selection of designs to match everyone’s unique personality so you can keep your feet warm in style. Machine washable – shrink resistant – just $12 a pair. What’s not to love?!
  • Springbok Puzzles – Instead of over-indulging in tons of sweets, you and your children can have a relaxing afternoon putting them together with Springbok’s Treats and Sweets 1000 piece puzzle. Cupcakes, candles, sprinkles and more come together for a puzzle scene that looks good enough to eat, but is calorie-free and fun for the whole family!

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