DaVinci Beads Save the Day

Don’t you just love stories like this?  Here’s a little tidbit about how Coppin’s Gifts can really help save the day when you’re looking for a great gift.

DaVinci Beads

Dear Coppin’s Gifts,

My mom’s birthday always sneaks up on me.  It’s in the beginning of January… so it’s incredibly close to Christmas.  Just when I think things are calming down after the holidays, my mom’s birthday pops up.  Unfortunately for me, I was out of town on a business obligation for the week leading up to her birthday.  So, essentially, I only had a few days to figure out what I was going to get her.  I completely forgot.  While I was out of town, she popped into my head.  I quickly logged onto your site and ordered her a DaVinci Beads bracelet and a few charms.

I may have been out of town, but Coppin’s Gifts was there for me to make sure that my mom’s birthday went off without a hitch.  As I expected, she absolutely adored the DaVinci Beads.  I have a feeling I may have started an addiction…

Thanks again!


Are you in a pinch for a birthday gift?  Keep Coppin’s Gifts in mind!


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