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Halloween is just days away, and it’s important to make sure that your kids are safe when they go trick or treating.  We have some Halloween safety tips for kids to ensure that this spooky holiday is both safe and fun!

Halloween safety tips coppinsgifts.com

Coppin’s Gifts Safety Tips Just for Kids

-First of all, don’t go into a stranger’s house unless your parents are with you.  Your parents are there to make sure you’re safe.

-Be extremely careful when you’re crossing the street.  Look in both directions and make sure that no cars are coming.  Hold hands with the other kids in your group.  If the street has a stop light, make sure the light says it’s safe to cross.

-If you are an older kid going out without parents, make sure they know where you’re going.  It’s only right for everyone involved to have some peace of mind.

-This isn’t so much a safety tip as it is a bit of common sense.  Vandalism is never a good idea.  It might seem cool to throw eggs at cars and houses, or to throw toilet paper into a tree.  But that’s not what Halloween is all about.

-The most important Halloween tip is to have fun!

Everyone here at Coppin’s Gifts wishes you a safe, happy, and ghoulish Halloween!



One Response to “Halloween Safety Tips for Kids from CoppinsGifts.com”
  1. Charlotte says:

    It’s wonderful that you share safety tips to keep all safe from danger on an exciting night when kids are having so much fun and thinking little of danger!

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