Fall is Here! What’s Your Favorite?

We love celebrating all of the seasons, but there’s just something special about autumn. The crisp air, the cool evenings, and the pumpkin pie… We just love it. But everyone loves something different about this wonderful season. The kids might not like going back to school, but they can’t deny all of the good stuff that goes along with fall. We want to know what your favorite things about fall are. Leave us a comment!

Which holiday do you prefer?



What’s your favorite part of fall?

-The beginning

-The middle

-The end

What is the best fall food?

-Hot cider

-Pumpkin pie

-Roasted vegetables

-Candied apples

-Butternut squash soup

What’s the best autumn weather?

-Sunny cool days

-Rainy days

-Breezy days

-Foggy days

When the weather gets cool, we like to stay inside and work on puzzles with the family. We do this, of course, while snacking on some of our favorite fall foods. (As if you couldn’t guess, some of us are sort of partial to pumpkin pie!)

From everyone at Coppin’s Gifts, Happy autumn!


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