Sweet Dreams? Webkinz Night Mare (and Bat)!

webkinz night mare coppins giftsDon’t let his name fool you.  The Webkinz Night Mare is just as friendly as all of the other Webkinz pets.  He just so happens to be decked out for Halloween!  (We know, Halloween isn’t until next month, but you should start thinking about it now…  You want to order your Night Mare in enough time!)  Complete with a red flame tail, we have a feeling this black Night Mare will be as hot as the sparks in his eyes.  We also bet that he’ll be an excellent trick-or-treating companion.

This adorable little guy will make a frightfully fun Halloween gift for all of your “spook-tacular” little ones.

Another great Halloween addition is the Webkinz Bat.  He’s the perfect combination of cute, cuddly, and a little bit of scary.  This is one bat that you won’t try chasing with a broom!

All of the Webkinz pets come with a Secret Code printed on the tag.  These guys might look spooky, but they still have access to the wholesome Webkinz World.  You and your kids can celebrate Halloween in style with these adorable little buddies.

While you’re at it, check out the other great Webkinz pets at Coppin’s Gifts.  If Halloween’s not your thing, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy!


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