Make the Most of a Rainy Day

Summer brings sunshine and heat, but there are also some dreary and rainy days.  What do you do on one of those make the most of a rainy day coppinsgifts.commelancholy afternoons?  Don’t worry, Coppin’s Gifts has a few ideas for you!

  • Go camping inside.  This is something your kids will love doing.  If you have a pop-up tent or something similar, you can set it up indoors.  If not, use sheets and drapes to make a makeshift tent.  Make it cozy inside!  Use blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, and My Pillow Pets.  Make fun little foods.  Mini sandwiches, hotdogs, and grilled cheese are perfect.
  • Play dress up.  Let your kids raid your closet.  They can pretend to be whatever they want.  See if they can create characters using some of the clothing.  For even more fun, ask them to create a play with their characters.  Videotape it and let them watch their performance.
  • Have a movie day.  But make it big!  Have your kids draw up posters for the movies you’ll be watching.  Hang them on the wall like a movie theater.  Make movie snacks like popcorn, hot dogs, and candy.  Shut the lights off and let your kids usher you to your seat.

You don’t have to let the rain stop you from having a fun day!  Remember, many of the movies from the Hallmark Hall of Fame series are available on DVD.  You could have an inspirational afternoon!


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