Learn as You Go: Fun New Blog!

We love checking out what’s happening in the big world of blogging.  We came across Jacki, fabulous blog-mistress of Learn as You Go, and we liked her right away.  Her blog is pretty new, but we have a feeling she’s going to do some wonderful things with it.  After all, she’s already won an award!  (That’s right, one of her blogging buddies gave her the “Life is Good” award.)

Coppins Gifts Learn as You GoJacki is a “20-something Navy wife” and she’s “enjoying the adventures of life!”  She’s really on an adventure, too.  Since her hubby is in the military, she’s currently living in Japan— and they’ll be there for the next two years!  We’re looking forward to reading about all of her adventures.  She says she likes scrapbooking, reading, and seeing new sights.  If that doesn’t sound like a great start for a blog, we don’t know what does!

So if you’re looking for a little adventure, check out Jacki’s blog, Learn as You Go.


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