What Did You do for Father’s Day?

father's day at coppinsgifts.comFather’s Day is a day to celebrate Dad.  But it’s also a day to honor all men that have acted as a father figure in our lives— from stepfathers to uncles to grandfathers to “big brothers.”  We want to hear what you did with your special Dad last Sunday.  Did you take him out to dinner?  Or did you go on a special fishing trip?  We want to know!

Here’s what a few of us did with the Dads in our lives.

  • One thoughtful wife made an awesome breakfast for her husband.  With the help of the kids, she made a delicious French toast casserole.  (Who says casseroles have to be bad?!)  She also whipped up some orange julius drinks.  (She said all you need to do is get a cup of half-and-half, a cup of orange juice, and put it in a blender with about 8 ice cubes.)
  • A group of clever kids made their dad a crown out of card stock covered in aluminum foil. They cut out letters that read “King Dad” and stuck them on the front.  Their dad wore the crown all day and felt like royalty!
  • Did you miss Father’s Day?  Well, it’s never too late to get your dad one of the beautiful family-inspired figurines from Willow Tree!

So leave us a comment!  We want to hear what you did for your special Dad on his special day.  It’ll keep us all inspired for next year.


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