Plasmacar: Magic

PlasmacarYour kids will think it’s magic.  And, for all we know, it probably is!  The Plasmacar is a cool little vehicle that runs almost solely on kid power.  (Okay, it gets a little help from inertia, gravity, centrifugal force, and friction.)  It’s ridiculously simple to operate.  All it needs is a driver and a smooth, flat surface.  Then your child is in for hours of fun.

Actually, you can ride it, too.  It’s adult-friendly.  It can hold up to 220 pounds.  So you don’ thave to let you kid have all the fun.  Just remember to share!

It’s very safe, too.  It’s engineered to be completely safe when used appropriately.  The Plasmacar is such an ideal toy that you’ll believe it’s magic, too.  It’s virtually silent— you won’t hear any motors.  All you’ll hear is the wheels (and the occasional giggle from your child).  It will provide your child with a good amount of exercise, too.

If you’re not convinced, check out this video of the Plasmacar in action.


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