A Rare Find – The ‘A Mom’s Rare Finds’ Blog!

We recently had the pleasure of coming across the A Mom’s Rare Finds blog, and we couldn’t be more happier to have found it! The author of the blog is always on the lookout for great deals and discounts, and regularly posts giveaways on the site. We’re all about looking for ways to save money, so this blog certainly caught our eye.

As a Mom, you want to stick to a specific budget, but it’s nice to splurge here and there on something for yourself and your loved ones. Take a look at the blog and check out their weekly giveaways – entering takes only a few minutes, and you just might win of their awesome prizes. The name of the A Mom’s Rare Finds blog says it all, but believe me, you’ll only be more impressed with the content on the blog! Be sure to check them out on Twitter and MySpace, too!


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