Coordinate with the Fall Season with DaVinci Beads!

Depending on what part of the country you live in, the weather might be cooling down for fall or it might still feel like you could head to the beach. Regardless, you don’t have to postpone getting into a festive spirit. The fall and Halloween DaVinci Beads available allow you to create a customized creation to capture your love of autumn. DaVinci Beads Pumpkin |

Fall Bangle – You will absolutely fall in love with this bangle and make it your go-to for the autumnal season! Each bead chosen is meant to highlight the colors of the fall as well as the Halloween holiday. This Sunshine Bracelet makes use of:

-          2 White CZ Stoppers

-          2 May Glass Birthstones

-          2 Candy Corn Beads

-          2 Orange Faceted Beads

-          1 Jack-O-Lantern Bead

DaVinci Beads Pumpkin – You will hopefully be seeing pumpkins a plenty this time of year, so why not match the theme with this adorable pumpkin bead dangling from your wrist? Be prepared to receive constant compliments from those who catch a glimpse of this cute pumpkin bead.

DaVinci Beads Maple Leaf – Do you love to watch the leaves change? This brilliant red maple leaf bead acts as the perfect representation for the way nature paints the world during the fall.

These are just a few of the festive and adorable options. Head to to discover more wonderful DaVinci Beads!


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