My Pillow Pets: The Ultimate Road Trip Toy

Snuggle up to a My Pillow Pet Penguin

Snuggle up to a My Pillow Pet Penguin

Maybe you’ve already seen them at the mall or even at one of our Hallmark locations, but you didn’t pay them much attention because they looked like any other old stuffed animal. But don’t be fooled! My Pillow Pets are a simple yet ingenious twist on the classic comfort of a fuzzy friend.

It’s as simple as undoing the Velcro on you’re My Pillow Pet’s belly and suddenly you have a soft, comfortable pillow. The invention of a mother of two, who got tired of picking up the stuffed animals all over her children’s rooms, My Pillow Pets are designed to be the toy your child always remembers before bed!

My Pillow Pets come in a huge variety of styles. You can find the perfect friend for your child, from bears to penguins and even a unicorn! Besides being a great bed time pal, we’ve found another great use for My Pillow Pets – car trips.

Long road trips can be hard on little ones, especially when boredom sets in, or if they get off their nap schedule. Bringing along their My Pillow Pet is a great way to keep a piece of home with them, and to gently lull them into sleep when they start to get cranky!

Do you own a My Pillow Pet? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know if you have any creative uses for them and we’ll share them here and on Twitter!



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