Spoiling Mom This Mother’s Day

1111651_mom_and_newborn_baby_boy_2Today is the one month countdown until Mother’s Day, so we’ve started to compile some of our favorite mother’s day gifts. Not every gift has to be a grand gesture to be special – sometimes it’s about the thought and meaning behind the gift that makes it great. Now is the perfect time to start planning on how you’ll let your mom know what she means to you!

Breakfast in Bed – who doesn’t love a little pampering? It’s easy and simple to put together a tasty treat for mom! Cook up her favorite breakfast treat and sneak in before she’s awake to start her Mother’s Day off right. If she’s not much for breakfast in bed, you can still cook a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner for her during the day!

Willow Tree Figurines – When you’re getting breakfast ready, why not add something extra to the table with a new Willow Tree figurine for mom. These figurines depict loving and tender moments between family that will reminder her of the special moments in her own life.

Tackling Projects – Maybe she’s been trying to paint the dining room, or you noticed the gutters need a cleaning. Whatever it is, now’s the time to tackle that project. Make up a “coupon” for her and leave it in a card, letting her know what her mother’s day present is.

DaVinci Beads – Another great gift for mom is jewelry. European charm beads are extremely popular as of late, which is why we started carrying DaVinci Beads. They’re beautiful and affordable enough that you get her a few beads every Mother’s Day!



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