How to Design the Perfect Charm It Bracelet Gift

With the holiday season upon us, coming up with a unique gift idea for a daughter, niece, or someone who loves whimsy can be difficult. Enter the Charm it Bracelet! The only potential downside is that there are so Charm It Bracelet with Charms and Design Steps | CoppinsGifts.commany possibilities, knowing where to begin can be tricky. These simple steps will have you on your way to designing a bracelet that will result in a giant genuine smile on Christmas morning.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Accessory
Think of the bracelet as a blank canvas to kick off the design of a gorgeous work of art. In this case, the canvas does not have to be completely blank because there are multiple bracelets to choose from. You can keep it simple with the Chain Bracelet in silver or pink, go wild with the Rainbow Peace Bracelet, or kick off a cute theme with the Cupcake Bracelet. The good news is that the variety of options ensures you will find something perfect to fit the personality of the child receiving the gift.

Step 2: Pick out Charms
The fun of the Charm It Bracelet comes with adding new charms over time to commemorate special events like birthdays or good grades. That said, you can’t go wrong presenting the bracelet with one or three charms already in place. The Cupcake Bracelet might serve as an excellent choice for an aspiring baker or someone with a sweet tooth. Continuing with that theme is easy! The Milk & Cookies, Cinnamon Roll, and Donut charms are just a few cute options that represent something scrumptious to dangle from the Cupcake Bracelet.

Step 3: Have Fun!
Don’t stress yourself out trying to choose from all the incredibly adorable and delightful Charm It Bracelet options. There are endless occasions and plenty of room to fit in all the charms you can think of adding. In the event that you run out of room, then that is the perfect excuse to start a brand new design!


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