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Hallmark has come to occupy a special place in the heart of Americans over the years. When you think of the name “Hallmark,” you probably immediately think of greeting cards featuring messages and quotes designed to make their recipients feel warm and loved. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Hallmark is known for its homey greeting cards, stationery, holiday decorations, and other home décor offerings. The company has stores across the United States and of course is also accessible online.Pillow with Mother and Daughter Hugging near Quote |

When looking for Hallmark online, you may come across Coppin’s Gifts, a noted retailer of Hallmark products and many other gift and home décor brands. A quick look at the site’s Hallmark section will immediately reveal that Hallmark carries more unique gifts than perhaps you had thought. The products you already know and love are there: bereavement angel figurines, Hallmark family pillows and decorative tiles, and the classic Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

But how familiar are you with Hallmark’s own collection of Itty Bittys? These adorable, approximately four-inch-high plush figures are made as a variety of fictional characters from movies, comic books, and television shows. Some popular favorites include Batman, Buzz Lightyear, and Charlie Brown. As their name implies, Itty Bittys are meant to be small and cozy, but for those of you who want something a little bigger, 10.5-inch-high Itty Bitty Biggys are also available. These are especially huggable and should put a smile on any face.

While it is certainly fun to browse through a brick-and-mortar Hallmark store to find the right gifts for that special someone, don’t neglect Hallmark online. Websites often carry items that are unavailable in stores, and it’s just as fun to shop through an entire inventory of products online.

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