Celebrate Spring With Fun Family Crafts!

1263046_japanese_apricotOn this Easter weekend, we hope all of you are relaxing and celebrating with loved ones. To celebrate Easter and the arrival of Spring, we love to get all the kids in our family together for some arts and crafts. Here are two of our favorite activities for bonding with the kiddos!

Coffee Filter Butterflies – These vibrant butterflies are a perfect way to usher in spring. You’ll need some black pipe cleaners, paper coffee filters, and a water color paint set for this activity. Lay out the filters on newspaper and let the kids paint the wings of their butterfly however they want. Once they dry, fold them accordion style and tie them in the middle with the pipe cleaners, then bend the loose ends to make antennae. Fan them out and voila! butterflies.

Ladybug Rocks – These are fun for kids of all ages. Pick up some smooth rocks, a variety of acrylic paints and some sealant and you’re good to go! After the rocks haven been washed and dried, paint them in your desired color. Use black paint to make the head of the ladybug, and a black permanent market to draw the wings and spots, which you can paint over afterward if need be. After putting sealant on, you can use wiggle eyes to add a little something extra! They make a perfect paperweight or decoration for the kids or mom and dad.

Happy Easter everyone!


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